Saturday, March 19, 2011

near and far

I created this fun table for the shop because well, we needed one and I would rather DYE than spend $150 on a cheap ugly MDF Target creation! Suitcase: Goodwill, legs/hardware: Hardware store. We no longer have space for it at the shop, so it's up for sale!


  1. Hi Ashley! I just looked at your "feature" on design*sponge. I love it! You are such a wonderfully talented girl. I miss you guys.

  2. a picture of the bottom would be great

  3. Thanks! =)

    I don't have any photos of the bottom of this case, but if you click on this link there is a complete step by step demo:

    Hope that helps! Have fun =)

  4. So I guess you'll have to copy and paste that link- sorry!