Wednesday, March 16, 2011

to be: "a wanderer"

Just read this article from Refinery29 about ex Vogue writer, current GAP Director of Concept: Jane Herman.

I love her hair! My all time favorite hair is the Linda Evangelista late 80s early 90s cropped doo. As MUCH as I love vintage 1950s and 60s, I think its just an absolutely fantastic classic look. And I think Jane Herman is doin' it. If I were a skinny minny, I would too.

Every day I seek out treasures that are colorful and beautiful and witty, and I bust my hump and do my thing on my own.. and I love it! But I hope someday I can wander for someone who can also pay me to travel around the world for treasures!! Check out this little excerpt from the Jane Herman article.

You travel all over the world now for your job...what's the best part?
“The wandering, definitely. Because I’m looking for things that are either innovative or beautiful or cool or just new, often the best thing to do is get a little lost. It’s something that I never let myself do back at home. There’s really no better way to see a city than by walking its streets and shopping its shops all day long (sometimes I’m on my feet for eight hours). It sounds cliché, but you never know when and from where inspiration will strike. Just yesterday in Copenhagen, I found the craziest flower shop. It was like a bazaar, with birds in cages and a very fat, green pheasant roaming free. I’m looking for spring/summer inspirations right now, so stumbling onto this one was great luck.”

Read full article here

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