Thursday, December 9, 2010

Button Button

So, what do you do with vintage buttons? Many, many glorious things. I thought I would share what I did recently- since we are headed into the Christmas/gift season. See, I'm really not good about Christmas gifts. I prefer the "Send you home with something fun all year round" method of gift giving.. When it comes to that time of year that I'm expected to organize my gift giving by marking down names and "wants" off lists, and then have them all arrive on time.. Well, thats where I fall short.

I've decided to just do SOMETHING, something very small... but something -regardless. I feel like my friends know my "ways" by now, and will not be disappointed upon receiving a small gift on Christmas, because they know good things are in store throughout the year.

Choice buttons (found at your trusty thrift shop, or here)
Adjustable ring findings (here)
E-6000 transparent glue (here)

Now, If I could really get it together, these cute little rings would be the toppers to all the gorgeous wrapped Christmas gifts. But I can't.. maybe you can?

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