Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Virtual Travel

Admission: I'm a bit snoopy.

One of the reasons I LOVE estates sales, is because I get to view homes. Currently we are renting. Currently I really, really want a home. Like, bad. So, tromping around in uninhabited homes full of treasure is pretty much the perfect concoction.

Also, currently, I want to travel. Like, bad. =) A nice little "fix it" when I can't jump on a plane.. is to estate sale virtually! It's free- and well, not AS awesome as being there, but close enough.

Today for example, I "sailed" through homes in Los Angeles, Clairemont Mesa, Brentwood and the Bay area! I love viewing the archeticture, cluttered lifestyles.. and sometimes- just a crappy photo with a bit of the backyard showing makes me feel the warmth of CA.

It's easy and fun. Check it out for yourself! Go Here!

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