Monday, December 13, 2010

Love Shack

I hear there is a place, way down in the Florida Keys that the B-52's own. A hotel called the "Love Shack". (Google search attempted, and aborted shortly after nothing showed up, I'd like to think this place really exists..)

So there is this hotel, and its amazing, and all the staff have beehive hairdos (even the men!) and the counter tops are all glittery, and the furniture is all turquoise and everyone snaps pink bubblegum...
(here) and I would love to retreat there on blustery Colorado days.

Coming back to planet real live earth, I have an easier, cheaper method of coping with winter.

Sunscreen. I am very intentional in the summer about which sunscreen I choose. I don't get the cheap stuff.. no, I buy the Neutrogena spray with Helioplex. 1: It smells phenomenal, and smell is the best memory trigger for me. 2: it reminds me of my bff. (a gorgeous pale redhead that strongly relies on the protective army men in sunscreen that fight dangerous UV rays. ) 3. Colorado, unlike Illinois where I grew up, is VERY sunny. Very. So, sunscreen is actually necessary.

Back to #1. Smell as a memory trigger. I have a horrible memory. I lose arguments allllllll the time with my husband because even if I THINK I said, or did something, I usually admit defeat because I can't actually remember if I said, or did that thing. Some of my best memories are of vacations and stories that accompany old family photos. Though I hate the stale sweaty heat of summer, nothing soothes me more than being warmed by the sun.

I'll leave you with a photo of my grandma Joan on vacation circa 1960-something after catching a shark while fishing from the dock in Florida, it will make you want to go smell sunscreen:


  1. giiirl lets go on vacation!!!

  2. She is pretty. The helioplex stuff is nice... who can say they are not addicted to spray sunscreen these days?