Thursday, May 27, 2010

7 down.. 1 to go!

One week from today this super old, super peed-on, shy, pukey, allergenic, FREE, chair... will once again be beautiful!

The first few shots I'm working on padding the for the chair and covering it with a layer of "muslin" (aka free material i found in the back room). I'm pretty sure my great grandma Myrtle had a living room set that was covered in this fabric as well.. This layer is like the "rough draft".

Since this chair was built shortly after creation, we've had to ad lib quite a bit during the restoration process. Chairs should be laid out so that you can tug and pull under and through series of wood slats and bars that make up the frame. The frame supports the chair and any pressure applied to it, but also lends space to tack or staple during the upholstery process. My chair has a very simple (beautiful, I might add) frame.. so I had to create "wood slats" ... with layered webbing. Not the best, not the strongest -but something. Since you cannot successfully staple into fabric and have a nice strong hold, I had to sew the taught "muslin" to the layered webbing with a hugegantic upholstery needle.

This is the year for burlap. I'm in love. I'll wear it.. photograph it.. sit on it..

My inspiration:

P.S. Have you seeeeeeen the "new" Restoration Hardware furniture!? Hello gorgeous!!!

I've got the seat covered in burlap so far! I even made an attempt at cute little pleats around the legs. I'm very happy with how the light tan color sets off the dark wood in the legs.

Welting (thick cording) will border the legs, outside arm rests and the left and right side of the inside back as well as the bottom of the chair.. I'm still deciding on weather or not I'll use heavyweight black canvas or pickup some burlap sacks with colorful print so I can get some dashes of color! Buttons are going up on the inside back as well.

Next Thursday I will be one happy girl!!

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