Friday, June 4, 2010

house of a thousand chairs

Yesterday was it!! My last day of upholsterizing at EGOS!! I almost finished my chair.. From the picture you wont be able to tell.. but the burlap over the outside is not yet "there".

I brought the new little "addition" home.. Home to a house of a thousand chairs. Literally, as of yesterday at 4p.m there were 7 chairs plus my couch in the living room. How many of these chairs were actually sittable? 3. It's a process. A very fun one. I have to say.. I'm very happy with my latest addiction.

So, as I set among the sea of a thousand [count it, seven] chairs and admired my new bundle of burlap happiness.. I started to wonder just how many chairs this house really holds?

Anyone got the number? =)

And one last picture.. because I love it.. and wish it wasn't going to be 90 today because i reallllllllly want to wear it...

Have a happy and joyous weekend!! Go to some yard sales! And please! Support local business!! Go to your friendly neighborhood restaurants, barber shops and boutique's!

1 comment:

  1. I love chairs. We have a love affair with chairs in our house. One day we hope to have a room of nothing but chairs. Also I LOVE the couch you posted.