Friday, April 9, 2010

"Tossed and Found"

While on my search for "turquoise" interweb treasures yesterday, I came across John and Linda Meyers book: "Tossed and Found" Great inspiration for the warm weekend ahead.. Do you know what day the trash pick up is in your favorite neighborhood? I do =)

I have never taken a look at this book aside from a few pages I've found online:

Its possbile, once again, that I'm in love. I respond in every way possible to these kinds of people.

(all images found at Linda & John's website: )

John and Linda do what I do, only on a crazy awesome level...that includes miter saws and various other saws that I don't know the names of, but would like to own someday.

In step with finding treasures and turning them in to everyday useable objects, I'm reminded that "necessity is the mother of invention" right? So, much to my dismay, but somehow much to my.. future satisfaction... I won't be enrolling in a very cool upholstery class downtown Monday. Instead, I will be responsible financially and creatively and teach myself.. holding true my vow that I will never more spend a dime on tuition cost.


  1. I can get you a discount on those saws ;-)

  2. DISCOUNT! yes!!!! good to know...