Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Green-ish Thumb

The weather here in CO has been TOPS! Our windows and doors have been open for the good part of last week and we are longing for the breeze to bring us sweet flowery fragrances.

Since CO is a climate 4 zone, we are supposed to wait until after mothers day to plant anything in the ground. So I like to start off in March and April by planting fun little flowers in pots that I can bring inside if it gets too cold. In these early months I am often tempted to just go crazy in the garden section and buy tons and tons of hanging flower baskets and pre-potted plants for the front porch. It's easy, -fast. Then I realize I'm paying for the ridiculous plastic pot the flowers come in. I do not love those plastic pots and I do not love paying for what I do not love.

Thinking about our budget, I took a look around the house and found some cool, usable containers I'd picked up from thrift stores and estate sales.

Pots in order and a few coins in hand, the dude and I made our spring pilgrimage to Wal-... eh-hem. That one place that sells stuff.

I found a great deal on the two most popular spring flowers! Almost in bloom Tulips and Daffodils $1 each! The true bargain hunter in me searched through the flats and found a few pots with more than one bulb. I also found white Hyacinth for $1 as well as "Hoya" and "Firewitch".

I watched this video via one of my favorite DIY/Design sites: Design Sponge for inspiration and direction

and WA-LA!

Thanks to The Perfect Petal on 32nd Ave for the super duper moss!

What a great centerpiece idea for a DIY wedding! Right? Inexpensive and fun to create, made personal by toys and other memorabilia!

More fun thrifted containers:


  1. oh look...it's me again. hahaha! so i've been super obsessed w/terrariums for a while now, but have been crazed and haven't made any. just exactly how easy were they?

  2. easy as pie.
    step 1: get a jar, crushed cans (bottom layer, for drainage) also crush up some charcoal
    step 2: get plants, moss and toys
    done. easy!!
    Watch the video embeded in my post.. its awesome!