Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy little squirrel

Very Happy! I started my upholstery class this morning.. even though I vowed never again to pay for education. This education is so worth paying for.. and had I known who and where I was going to be six years ago, I may have opted to go straight into a recovery program.. er.. uh, recovering chairs that is.

To top it all off.. My Wednesday involves lots of downtown walking, walking through Confluence park, walking over two ped. bridges that swing(ish) and the 16th st free bus. I love love love walking downtown and this weather makes it even better.

The instructor seem super duper great, the class is very open and the girls in my class seem to be driven creatives.. (who admittedly dream about furniture and junk up their houses with treasure!!) Just the people I'm looking for!!

It's possible that this blog, over the next 8 weeks, will consistently be photos of vintage furniture awesomeness.

I like color. Thrifted 1970's pressed wood chair with IKEA print fabric for seat:


  1. so wait! does this mean you're going to learn how to reupholster things???? that is so amazing! my mom can do it (and is obviously fabulous and amazing at it...and making curtains and whatnot as well) and i...cannot. wah!

  2. I am so jealous of your class-taking! I love love love fabrics and furniture and... stuff. ^-^ Love your chair!

  3. I bought that same fabric and left it as a huge panel which I tacked to the bedroom wall. It's a cheap option for a little needed color!