Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pantone's 2010 color of the year. Yes, this excites me.

Ever wondered who gets the amazing job of naming Crayola crayons? I would love that job. "Beaver" "Inchworm" and "Mango Tango" are some of my favorites. Crayola's were huge for me as a child.
According to Wikipedia: (I know, I know) A Yale University study found that the smell of Crayola crayons is one of the most recognizable scents for adults, ranking at number 18 trailing coffee and peanut butter that were number one and two respectively, but beating out cheese and bleach which placed at 19 and 20.
Um, check.
I've told my husband many times that I love flowers, but nothing is as exciting to me as a brand new box of Crayola's. And I'm totally okay with the small box. 18 count I believe.. for .89 cents! How exciting!

Also, according to Wiki, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has a collection of over 300 boxes of crayons including an original box donated by the founders, cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith.

I think its safe to say I'm in love with color. Through my daily rants around the internet, I happened upon Panetone's announcement of the "2010 Color of the Year" Ready? Drumroll.....


It doesn't have a very exciting name.. but I'm very excited about it.

and last... just because i'm obsessed:

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  1. i know! i love this!! i stumbled upon this too...i could look at a pantone color wheel for hours! *allison