Saturday, April 17, 2010

i had a dream last night

I dreamt about Folsoms (formerly McCaslins) chocolate long john donuts. I know this may be sad or weird to some, but it happens frequently. I love donuts. I do. I love sugar. Folsoms has the market on dreamy sugar apparently. I have never since, or never will have a donut as delish. That statement makes me want to drive the 895 mile journey home right now. If I didn't have reasons to stay in Denver for a week (or two) straight.. I would totally hop in the Sub. and make my way. Possibly taking the more southerly route and stopping through Springfield to see Arwen and eat Mallow Cream

(Above photos are from "Donut Man" in Winter Haven, FL... not Folsom's Bakery..)

After a tiny bit of research: Folsom's on Facebook

Fact: A Folsom bought my childhood home. I like to think many donuts were shared around a happy table, and possibly in my play house as well.

Fact: I can purchase sugar cookie dough!!!!!!

Another fact: The Folsom's/McCaslin's bakery shown in the photo above was also the site of "Picture This Photography" where I had many photo shoots as a child, which I believe totally influenced me wanting to become a photographer.

Anotherrr fact: The Folsom's/McCaslin's bakery shown above... after housing "Picture This Photography" was "Youngstown" a coffee shop where I had my first date.

Dear, dear friends, My birthday is August 1st. If Folsom's could make a giant "Long John" birthday cake... it would possibly make me the happiest girl in the whole world!

(photos of Folsom's Bakery taken from Folsom's Bakery Facebook)

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