Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm not frugal, I'm cheap.

Wednesday was my very first upholstery class and I admit, I was a little nervous. My sewing skills are less than mediocre and any new thing is always a little bit intimidating. Class started off super duper, then we got to the part where we had to purchase supplies and I may or may not have started sliding a little further down in my chair. Ugh. I HATE spending money. Even more I hate spending money I don't have. Supplies looked like they were going to put me over budget for class. Woops. Nutts.

Friday: Estate Sailing with the girls. I walk into a basement and bang. At least $60 worth of cotton batting and dacron, 5 super cool (now ruined) burlap sacks, cowboy sheet and $10 play foam thingies for Jessi's kids.. All for $23. Nice. Savings of more than $40. Kept my eye out for chairs but nothing was trippin' my trigger.

Saturday: Chair hunting. Found it on Craigslist for free. No gas wasted in running around to thrift stores.

Warning, this is bad. I like to get dirty, and the more junky the sale the better.. But I had a little trouble deciding "How bad is to bad" when posting images of this chair.. I really like it.. but, well, you'll see. It's kind of nasty. A lot of steaming and cleaning before I take it into the shop. Then all the nasty comes off and gets thrown away.

I can't wait to finish this chair. Its going to take a while and I will be step-by-step blogging it the whole way through. So, cross your fingers, wish me luck, and send me lots of purell (or free KFC "wet napps" I love those.)

Sometimes...Most of the time...Okay, you pretty much ALWAYS have to hold out if you want a good deal. It hardly ever comes together this fast but if you have patience, you can do things at less than half the cost. This project so far should be costing me apx. $120. I have spent roughly $20. I still need a $180.00 electric staple gun and a few yards of fabric along with other misc. supplies. I'm totally grossed out by the chair in my living room, but I can see potential. This my friends, is how you do cheap.

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  1. Hello Ashley,

    This chair is going to look gorgeous when it's completed. I agree it looks a little scuzzy but the transformation will work wonders. It is a quality piece and will not disappoint you.