Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table #7

I finished my latest coffee table last night while B and I were watching Friday Night Lights. Who would have thought I could love a show about football SO much!?

Did a fun little shoot today and it revealed the fact that I might not be able to bring myself to sell this table. I really love it. Its super sturdy, timeless and very masculine. Masculine was what I was going for when I decorated our living room. Our last place was extremely yellow (and pink and red and blue and green and orange) I called our motif: "bubble gum machine". I'm pretty sure Brian hated it, so my vision for our new place was to make it modern and masculine with just a bit of my kitschy collectibles.

Without further adieu:

The ol' brute may or may not be up on Etsy soon... ;)

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