Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Restoration Hardware

Lately I've been trying to hone a more masculine style (so my husband can appreciate the aesthetic of our home too!) and remove myself from the gobs and gobs of color that I'm drawn to. I am in the midst of reforming our bedroom and totally stuck.. so I decided to venture out to find some visual inspiration.

My first thought was "Anthropologie" -that store can usually do no wrong.. but lately I've been extremely underwhelmed. So I ventured down the mall way a bit further and found myself in Restoration Hardware.

I was absolutely inspired and amazed! I've been in there since the "reformation"... but I fell in love with the store all over again when I came upon the wwii "bomber" inspired furniture.

They have designed some amazing pieces that I'm sure would make Rosie the Riveter proud!!

I will take one of each of the chairs on THIS page please!

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