Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vogue Paris

Sunday was a FUNday!

I did a shoot for the amazing Shanna (shannacutshair.com) for her updo portfolio. She is the ultimate updo wizzard. ULTIMATE. WIZZARD. (she also rocks color and cuts!)

I was able to ressurect my computer today and couldn't wait to edit a few images.. so here you go! (P.S. the "Vogue Paris" two piece suit is available here!)

After the shoot was finished I trekked up past Boulder with the amazing Kristi S. to help at a wedding where she catered h'ordeuvers (mostly I just hung out and taste tested!). Friends, if you need catering for a small event in the Denver area, she is the GIRL!! This wedding was perfectly amazing in every way. The bride and groom are wonderfully creative people -it was just all around a great day!


  1. Ashley,
    You're amazing! These are so good and Sunday was fun :) Glad you could feature the tub!

  2. Thanks Bryn! When I get back to D-town I'll burn you a copy of all your images. You are so lovely!

  3. I had such a good time on sunday! modeling was so fun! we all look so great. these pics are so good :)