Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shop update!

Yesterday was a full day of shooting and cleaning and hanging out with a crazy fun little girl. I managed to get quite a bit done.. though my computer was fighting me tooth and nail! Anyhow, check it out: Dingaling Vintage

I'm headed back to Illinois for a few days, so shipping on my Etsy site will resume Tuesday April 26th.

My pop's is a master carpenter, and mom's majorly creative so I hope to do a few fun projects while home and update as they are created. It's always such a MAJOR tease to go home via airplane.. it forces me to be very strategic with my treasure hunting. Maybe later this summer hubby and I can venture home together.. in a U-Haul! That would be my dream come true!!

Around valentines day I came across J Basil designs and was majorly inspired.

I tried to pull off my own version of the headband/hat and came up with this:

The results were lacking in quality, but adorable on her!

In other thoughts.. I really am feeling the need to laugh hard. We all have friends that make us double over, and I'm missing them today.

Happy weekend!

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