Saturday, April 2, 2011

Everything thrifted and cheap!

The wonderful J. Craig is an organic genius. I love that when we go to estate sales she is ALL about finding organizational containers and jars and planters.

I've been wanting house plants for some time now and she suggested succulents. I figured I'd give it a shot since you have to water them very rarely and they look super RAD. So we headed over to her favorite greenhouse and I was AMAZED! The owner is totally chill and super knowlegable (he doesn't offer much info unless you ask). They grow almost everything there from seed to flower, so the prices are AMAZING. I snapped a few quick photos of things I though I'd like and returned a few days later after thrifting planters.

Now, $50 bucks may or may not seem like a lot of dough.. to me it is. But I know I got by a lot cheaper than I would have, had I purchased all these things new and/or pre potted. Word on the street is Anthropologie is selling succulents for $25 a pop! Holy cow!

Thrifted planters:
Copper hanging planter: $5.99
Yellow ceramic planter: $3.99
Terrarium bow: $8.99

5 for $25
Cactus dirt: 2 @ $2.49

I decided I need one more large/deep heavy duty planter for the taller cactus guy. He's already bustin out. Anyway, ta-da!

I stepped back and thought a "Behind the Scenes" photo was fitting. It totally gives away my thought process. This is why I would L-O-V-E a work space. Oh well. I do love my house on warm days.

And I love this guy. Monkey see Monkey do? Yes, most definitely.

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  1. What a wonderful project! I especially love the top photo - and the dog. Too cute. Thanks for the smile - and the succulent inspiration! :)