Friday, August 6, 2010

Vintage Samsonite Furniture

I was having a totally unsuccessful treasure hunting day yesterday. I was first denied a pair of 1970's kelly green, leather moon mittens. Totally bummed. I swear, there is this lady at one of my fave thriftstores that has it out for me. She ALWAYS gives me the stink eye. The gloves were not marked so she barked at me and told me there was a "new rule" and that any unmarked item had to go to the back and would possibly come to the floor the following day. Whateves. It's half off today anyway. I also came across a pair of size 8.5 leather boots; black, leather, no heel, perfect toe.. WOW. I have been searching for boots for about six years but no, I couldn't justify paying $12.98 for them yesterday when they would be $6.50 the TODAY. Do I have a problem? Yea, probably.

On to the other side of town. A new discovery! A new "x" on my map! Once again, pretty unsuccessful. I was about to give up and leave when I saw this cute little patio set! I don't usually go for floral.. orange, green and white.. but I knew this was Grade A 1960's vintage =)

The color is a bit off in this one..

annnnd there are a few flaws... but its still totally useable and amazeable and radicalable!

I have searched and searched and searrrrrrrched and the only comparable item I can come across is this set: (which is more appealing to my taste buds)

found here, and for sale!

I like everything about that set. I would never pay that price but would be a very campy happer if someone wanted to pay that for MY set!!

The Ebay description for the blue and green furniture above mentions my set: "this same set in oranges / rust / brown colors apppeared in a 1960s Peter Sellers movie"

and well, I think that's exciting and I think that's crazy. and I think you should go listen to "The Promise Ring"


  1. was doing research for a samonite sofa and up popped your blog. read. enjoyed. and then saw your tweet concerning the denver county fair, then saw who you were and that i know you! you have shopped with us before -modmood. funny how small the world (internet) can be sometimes. anyway, have a great day!

  2. Hi Samantha!! Yes, its SUCH a small world!!! A sofa you say? How exciting! I'll have to stop in and check it out =) I was just in last week -rather, I brought a few friends who were visiting from out of town, and I stayed in car with the kids so the adults could enjoy it =)
    See you soon!

  3. I just purchased 4 similar Samsonite chairs at an estate sale, and while the paint on the slats is a bit faded, they are clearly the painted enamel and not the padded vinyl, like you have...only 2 of them are rockers! That makes it complicated to me as to whether or not they could ever have been used around a table - or whether I should. Didn't buy the table that was with them, which appeared to match the set, but I am jealous of your little end table/ottoman? and loveseat. AND super-jealous of the lounge/chaise, but agree - I'd never pay over a grand, even if the paint was super-fresh. This set looks good and is uber-comfy! Thanks for your post!