Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chocolate Tortes, Charles Eames and Herman Miller

What kind of "therapy" does one seek, when regularly scheduled "therapy" becomes the cause for more "therapy"??

For me, thrift shops are therapy. It also happens to be the foundation of my current profession. I walk through the aisles as many times as I like, hunting. I've done it for so long my eyes are trained and my brain doesn't really have to engage all that much. In the past six months I've extended my regular "therapy" to estate sales as well as thrift shops and yard sales. Yesterday I made a very important, very exciting purchase and I feel like I might need ACTUAL therapy to get through the re-sale process.

anyway. I'm not planning on letting this (see photo below) become my new therapy.. it was just one of those "in case of emergency" band-aid sort of things.


  1. I just saw your chair over on D*S and I thought it was awesome, but what I thought was even more awesome was your huge reverse brindle boxer! I have a 100 lb(but in shape!) reverse brindle boxer named Lewis. If you check out my blog you are sure to find pictures! Sorry, had to say hello and give a little boxer love!

  2. Mmmmm, torte. That looks amazing.