Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bag Lady

I'm bound and determined to use all the bags I collected from my coffee supplier.

So far I've upholstered a wingback, recovered the seat of an ice cream parlor chair and given a bunch away.

Last week I tackled our four year old patio chairs. We registered for them and I'm sure it was one of those.. "well, what else can we scan??" moments at Pier 1. I think they were a great decision seeing how they have made the cut three times moving, once out of state, and now, they survive the dry Colorado air.

I was totally over the lavender seat covers so I decided to try my totally free alternative. And since I really love burlap + silk screen I count this a success.

You can do this the Ashley way:

Pro staple gun
Craft Iron
Marking pencil


the smart way:

Tape measure
Marking pen
Straight pins
Craft Iron
Sewing machine
Skinny dowel rods

Since the other involves a sewing machine you can guess which way I did this... (I totally recommend doing this with a sewing machine, the "smart way". Once my burlap rips or gets stained I have to tare staples out and totally recover this. I decided to finish the three remaining chairs I will phone a friend and get assistance in using my sewing contraption thingie)

More burlap goodness here! Updated 11/30/10

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  1. OMG, these are your chairs? I saw these on design sponge and fell in love with them! You are one lucky dawg! They are b e a u t i f u l !