Friday, July 16, 2010

Stephenie Meyer. Girl is no Jane Austen!!!

It is possible that I watch "Pride and Predjudice" at least once a month. I love it. The story, all the crazy emotions, the lighting, the color. The direction is unbelievable. The props and decor are totally righteous in every way. Every time I watch the movie I'm inspired.

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I've never actually read the book.

I know. It's a crime.

I really neeeed to read it. I want to read it- I've just never gotten around to it. We have a copy of "Pride and Predjudice and Zombies" Brian picked up a few months ago.. but I want the real thing. An old crusty copy would suit me just fine.
I need to break down and read it for a few reasons, one being the fact that I somehow managed to read all the "Twilight" books. I feel like not having read "P&P" is a big -screw you- to Jane Austen. I so so, so appreciate Jane Austen. I do not want to do this.

While searching for some of my favorite images from the movie.. I came across this horrible cupcakey Twilight sight where the girl had messed with this photo:

I'll admit R.Patz is a bit James Dreamy, but he is NO Mr. Darcy. Girl better rek-a-nize.

SO, enjoy these pretty pictures I nabbed off the interweb:

(I also love "Becoming Jane", "Bright Star" and "Sense and Sensability".. am I missing out on anything else???)


  1. the book is paced a lot differently. :) but it's fun. I can find you a copy, if that will help!

    I haven't seen Bright Star but I'm putting it on Netflix THIS INSTANT.

    and S&S... omg... and Becoming Jane... OMG...

    I think I will call you tomorrow. I have chit-chat things to tell you.

    and I love this post.

  2. Completely random commenter - stumbled on your awesome blog from D*Sponge. Love the chair! Saw this entry, and couldn't NOT tell you to rent Persuasion (was redone by PBS' Masterpiece Theatre a couple years ago)'s awesome! Actually you can't go wrong with any of the Jane Austen remakes that Masterpiece Theatre did recently. Hope this helps!