Saturday, May 1, 2010

Judy the Junk Lady

Judy the Junk Lady. Though it may sound like a children's book based on the story of my life.. I'm talking about a lady I once knew. (Sort of)

Judy was a real person from my real hometown. We would often see her driving around in her crazy messy van or station wagon. Both were that red/maroon color, the van had fake wood paneling on the side. There was so much junk in her car that it filled the back seats, passenger seat and spilled up onto the dashboard!

I remember as a kid thinking it was just "extra padding" and in the case she should be hit by a train, she would be perfectly fine.

I'm sure there is something to be said about the fact that her "junkiness" never phased me. It wasn't that I could relate in terms of junk collecting, [..yet] I was just used to being a kid and getting in trouble for having a messy room. To me, she was an ally.

The funny thing about J the JL, was that the older I got, the more frequently I ran into her. It was one of those situations where you might be quick to judge someone because you see them eating at McDonald's all the time... but then, you only see them there "all the time" because you are there all the time..

J the JL and I never actually spoke to one another. I'm sure she never even noticed me, she was always on a mission...or, returning from a mission. Seemed she constantly had her ear to the ground. I would arrive at a yard sale or auction just as she was leaving.

This weekend my hometown and neighboring town's joined in and all had yardsale's. I was participating from 896 miles away, on the phone with my mom discussing weather or not she should go crazy purchasing 1960's polyester dresses and rompers "new" with tags. Score. Thank heavens for the invention of cellular telephones.

My mom and I do this often. I will call her super excited from a store or sale, and beg her to get online and scan Ebay for a certain item that I'm sure is a great deal before I make the purchase. We work well together. We make it work from 896 miles. Tomorrow I'm finally getting an IPhone, mostly so I can scan barcodes and hop on Ebay so I can hit my magic numbers. I'm sure I will still be calling my mom to squeal with excitement over crazy finds. Me, my mother and an IPhone. Judy, my junky friend, you got nothin on us.

This week's ebay uploads:

"Pipe Lot" Purchased @ estate sale for $10. Might have paid to much... we'll see.

Crazy awesome "Hermes Rocket" Typewriter. I photographed this for our christmas cards this year if it looks vaguely familiar. My mom found this for me here in Denver while visiting and I loved it mostly because it was called the "Rocket", second mostly because it was green and third mostly because it had a carrying case (not pictured).
I was inclined to look it up on Ebay last week and saw it selling for around $60. Paid $5. Totally worth the sale.

"Hey you guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys!!" Yes. Goonie's collectors glasses from 1985. Brian and I found these last week in Lakewood for $1.50 each. Four total, but only two different. There is an auction up right now with a complete set of four, all different, up to $50 with two days left. Cross your fingers!

Lastly, two pair of K2 inline skates. I have NO idea about this sale. Could be a disaster. I have $11 invested in both pair, so I'm hoping it turns out well -but wont cry myself to sleep if it should tank. I have no idea about sports equipment, but I do know that K2 is a decent brand. Does anyone inline skate anymore??

Now, this could be because I'm a photo person, but I find I will look at an item on Ebay even if I could care lessssssss about it......IF the photo is composed nicely and well lit.

So, take the extra half hour and follow these few hot tips:

1: Go to a store and purchase two pieces of white foam core (like poster board, but thicker, will stand up straight if something is holding it up from behind). Will run you around three bucks total.
2: Find good indirect light. Never set your objects in the sun, or sunny patch in your living room.
3: Pull a table over to a window that has a good amount of light coming in and set up your two pieces of foam core in an "L" shape.. of sorts so that you have a "floor" and a "backdrop" The white board will act as a reflector and help to evenly light whatever object you are shooting.
4: If you are photographing a "lot" (like the pipes) arrange them in a cool little pattern making sure that everything stays in focus... don't forget the point of the photograph.
5: Most important: think of your audience. If you are selling something awesome like vintage buttons in a small lot that some hip Etsy mama will want to purchase so she can adorn her gloves and blouses... Be creative! Catch her eye! Shoot from above, leave negative space (while still presenting your item in clear view). If you are photographing something basic like a tool that can't be used for any purpose other than what it was originally intended .... think of that audience, you might be best to just shoot it front and center. Clean.

Now go make some extra cash.

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