Monday, April 26, 2010


I recently saw this come across Brian's Face Book via the lovely Anna Till (click for bigger)

I cracked up.
I do find it a little scary the Col. Sanders goatee -slash- soul patch combo is "neutral". Who made this in the first place?

It brings up an age old argument that Brian and I have over his (former) mustache. Well, the mustache that comes and goes. It goes, then he grows a beard.. then somehow it magically re-appears after he shaves the beard off.. Its a mystery.

In all fairness, I should mention that barbering is his profession.

The argument: Does a woman have a say in weather or not her man has a beard or mustache? If she minds, should he shave it?

(excuse the platinum, lapse of judgement)

We've come to somewhat of a compromise. I agreed to grow my hair out if he never, ever grows the mustache back. I'm okay with a short beard. But come on. Mustache? Scary.

I'm wondering how The Marriage Ref would call this?


  1. If only all our husbands had hair enough to grow 'staches. Anyway, both my dad and his brother have mustaches and look like totally different people without them, so I'm kinda partial!

  2. i have never seen jim's naked face!! can you even believe that? 10+ years and i've never seen his chin w/o a beard!