Thursday, May 20, 2010

"The Chair"

Do I love my upholstery class?
Yes I do.
Why did I skip it this week?
Because. (?) Um.. JoyAnna is in town and.. I felt it was the best way to manage my time.. (?)
Time for an update?
Let's recap

Phase One:
Totally grosss

Phase Two:
Totally grosssser

Phase three:
Reinforcing the chair using power tools and wood pegs.

Totally naked chair:

Filling totally naked chair with wood putty.. strengthening the chair by patching the one thousand billion tack holes:

Webbing, foam, hog rings, cotton, dacron and "muslin" (aka free material found in the back closet)

Tugging and pulling everything in to place:

This is pretty much how the rest of the chair will go. A "rough draft" if you will. The finished chair will be covered in Burlap with a black heavy weight cotton cushion and black welting running over the burlap. I'd like to screen print the burlap so there is an old ship somewhere on the back rest.. but I do have to use buttons on it. So.. Not quite sure what it will turn out like.. But I was encouraged to have this be an art piece since it is so old (1890's) and not really let people sit on it. I figure the burlap would encourage anyone not to "lounge".

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