Thursday, April 22, 2010

sneak peek!

!!Chair update!!

If you didn't see the old post, this is the before of my chair:

the chair as of noon yesterday:

and a few detail shots to let you know how hard I'm working:

Amazing discoveries so far:
A piece of a tag that reads "Gilspe..." Its paper and this is very strange to me. I'm wondering if it was added at a later upholstery date...seeing that this chair has more than thousand tack holes proving its been re-upholstered at least 10 times.
A safety pin
100 year old dust
Pigs hair
Last, and most exciting: A DIAMOND TUFTED BACK!!!

With every new layer exposed I discover new and exciting (DUSTY NASTY DIRTY) things about my chair. My instructor has been referring to it as "old girl" and I think I shall do the same.

I really want to find out what wood its made from and what the decorative legs are made of.
I also really want to narrow the date down so I know how old the "old girl" really is.

Wednesday's class will be spent hanging out with a woodworker who will hopefully give me some hot tips on how to restore the frame.

I must now read about diamond tufting in this totally tubular book:


  1. I'm so proud of you, taking up upholstery. It's really amazing. It reminds me of these old hardcover books that Olivet had in the library that I used to drool over. One was all about making your own 'modern' furniture (mid-century) and the other was directions for art deco pieces (like cigarette stands and magazine racks). I actually found a copy of the latter in the Oxfam used book shop here, but it was super expensive.

    I always kicked myself for never having taken wood shop in high school. And now that I want to...well, the options are lacking.

  2. Thanks!! We had such great vocational programs back at good ol' SHS huh? I think there needs to be a vocational program "re-birth" of sorts in high school's everywhere. With the cost of college tuition rising just as steady as unemployment.. I think there's never been a better time.
    I"m taking classes @ the Emily Griffith Opportunity School.. I think you would absolutely love it =)