Friday, April 23, 2010

linens 'n stuff

I was a moron this morning and braved the cold, wind, rain, sleet, snow to venture down to my favorite thrift store. I have a cold and am miserable but couldn't bare to be closed up in the house any longer. I'm happy I did, I found some great kitchen linens and possible future upholstery digs.

Aaaaaand compliments of the ARC on Colfax; 1960's twin sized coverlet = future upholstery fabric

And last, at last.... my two color choices for the bathroom at the barber shop: Olive Oil and Bonsai.

Its approximately 12 square ft. A true water closet. My plans are to paint the floor black and walls the lighter shade of green (extra virgin olive oil) Even though I'm in love with the darker color (Bonsai) I know enough to not paint a teeny tiny space a super dark color. I'll have to save that for something else. Bonsai is also a Martha Stewart color from Home Depot. I was super pumped to finally stand in front of the swatch wall and drool. The paint is not cheap.. but its not expensive either. A gallon will run you anywhere between $24 and $28 bucks.
Before and afters to be posted this weekend!


  1. The Homo Depot? Really? Gurl show some respect, Let's Build Something Together and I don't mean at Homo Depot!

  2. Hahahaha.. does Lowe's sell M. Stew paint?