Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plates + Vases

I've been working on this project on and off lately. It combines two of the cheapest thrift store finds ever. Plates: $1 and super duper cheap vases: .50-ish cents! I hate these vases pre-facelift. They remind me of hospital cafeterias which may possibly be the worst place in the world. If you can recall seeing them, with their nubby bubbly trunks, they usually come complete with the saddest plastic flowers ever.

Hot glue gun, or Gorilla Glue
Vase (or upside down bowl looking dish..) you get it right?
Spray paint
Avery Sticker paper for your printer
Acrylic Crystal Clear Finish

Step 1: Go to the thrift store! or a yard sale! and purchase a few plates with cool decor, and a few ugly vases (make sure the opening of the vase is [semi] level and not scalloped..fancy..whatever). I recommend going to a shop well known for being cheap cheap. Goodwill sells these vases for $1.99. If you pay this price, you overpaid. The most exciting part of creating these is the end, when you have a gorgeous present and know deep down in your heart you spent less than $5 creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. I frequent my local awesome old lady hangout where they KNOW these vases are is.. with a snug price of .25!

Step 2: After you purchase your materials, get online, or draw a super cool silhouette. Correct the size and print out on Avery (or whatever) sticker paper for your printer. Cut out the image and press it onto your favorite part of the plate- part with the coolest color, design etc. Press really hard to prevent soft lines/leakage

Step 3: Glue your plate to the "stem" or vase with your totally awesome hot glue gun, or gorilla glue. I prefer hot glue.. I have no patience and cannot wait overnight to let the Gorilla glue dry. Also, with using recycled materials, these pedestal's will never be 100% level or centered, so just eyeball the center.. or measure, if your into that.

Step 4: Take the now, semi-cool pedestal out to a well ventilated area, cover your mouth with a handkerchief or protective mask, turn the pedestal upside down and spray the bottom first. Let it dry. Flip over and repeat for the top, going completely over your sticker image for an even coat on top, making sure to spray the sides of the plate as well.

Step 5: I'm still playing around with this step. I think its best to peel your sticker off while the plate is still wet. If you can manage without leaving fingerprints. If you wait till it dries its okay.. but you might get jagged edges as the sticker won't want to peel away from the paint. Sooooo.... either way works. In my photos you will see a few jagged edges.. I obviously waited.

Step 6: Spray an all over coat of "Acrylic Crystal Clear Finish" I use Krylon. Um. Note: I don't believe this is food safe- If you want to use it for food, put a doily down or something.. I know, it totally takes away from the awesomeness of the project, but you don't want anyone to get sick.
Step 7: Give it away!!! Yay! Or, try to sell it.. just not in Denver, that's what I'm trying to do =)

NOTE: I did not come up with this project, unfortunately, I don't remember who did. Credit to them!

all images © 2010 ashley poskin. please don't re-use any images without permission from me.

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