Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I knew I loved that skirt!!

A few weeks ago I freaked out about this super smart idea Aunt Peaches had. She turned a thrift store skirt into a curtain. YES.

As I am a curtain-hater, I was surprised by how much I actually wanted one. I didn't want one in my living room -no, I enjoy hearing my husband complain every night as he walks around in his skivvies about the lack thereof (curtains, not skivvies) so no, I didn't want to change that. So where? In my office. Thats where. We have tons of foot traffic in front of our house every day and since we sit up a few feet from the sidewalk people look right in allllll the time. And its kind of weird. So yea, I guess I'll take a curtain in my office.

Super unflattering Royal Blue accordion pleated skirt:

Scissors + Tension Rod = Curtain!

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