Monday, April 16, 2012

The Dapper Dude and other Goodwill treasures

I didn't find my husband at Goodwill.. but wouldn't it make a great toast? "To the best treasure I've ever found..." (I actually found him at a music festival, but thats a whole other story)

I do however, find his fashions at Goodwill, ARC, Unique and on Etsy. He wears a uniform to work, so he really enjoys dressing up on his days off. Saturday evening we decided to head out to the Goodwill half off sales and scored, BIG TIME!

Check out this adorable er.. manly outfit:

Thrifted: "Arrow" button up $2.99, "Puritan" knit sweater $2.49, "Dockers" pants $4.99, Boxer belt buckle $4, "Allen Edmonds" shoes $8.99, green tie $.99

New: Argyle socks, Target

I also forced him to try on a gorgeous 1960s trench coat al a Don Draper. He acted like he didn't want it but it somehow ended coming home with us..? $9.99! Photos coming soon!

Other gems I scored for the shop:

Thanks DeeAnna for tuning me back in to Goodwill! Its worth the drive!


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