Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i heart afghans

while I love the people of Afghanistan, i'm referring to those amazing works of crochet art that come in all colors and patterns. and once I grow my collection i just might hang them on my wall and have a party, and call it an art show.

growing up, we had two afghans. One was a blue's and white zig zag pattern and one was a bold colors (think crayola bold colors markers circa 1986) marigold, purple and teal. they were glorious. the bold colored afghan was best when used as our tent top while making forts. someone's big toe had forged holes, larger than the rest, in just the right places so we could easily loop the blanket around the tops of the dining room chairs. the blue's and white zig zag blanket was choice for cold nights, as it had been knit super tight and kept you very warm. the chance for your big toe to pop out of a hole was much slimmer than if you were under the bold colors afghan.

yes. purchasing blankets at thrift stores/estate sales can be icky. but not if you are smitten and follow protocol:

check it out -if it's got stains and isn't simply amazing just let it go this time. seriously, any stains you can see with your eyes are just plain gross!
sniff: if it smells gross -it will always smell gross. pass this one up.
if it passes the sniff test -purchase, keep in a separate bag in your trunk until you return home
hang your blanket outside overnight. let the cold get to it
keep your blanket outside in the sun the next day. let the heat get to it.
bring it inside and wash according to fabric content.
hang outside to dry.

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