Sunday, June 12, 2011

Churros always seem like a great idea ..then somebody gets hurt

This past week has been extremely eventful. So eventful (and crazy fun) that I have completely forgotten about my obligation to earn a living! I've budgeted fifteen minutes for blogging, then I'm going to attack my Etsy site like a crazy woman.

Here we go:

Oliver and I have fallen into a bit of a routine/obsession in the mornings. We walk to the bakery and get a churro and a diet coke (i know, i know always seems like a great idea..) We see many interesting wonderful things on this short walk. Its always a great reminder that no matter how late we are kept up by the next door neighbors partying, or how early we have to wake up to shut the windows because someone is up smoking pot and coughing, this neighborhood always justifies itself in the morning. We see adorable teeny tiny kids that look like miniature adults, smell wonderful smells (like the cream filling that goes into the churro's boiling on the stove) and wonderful gas, from lawn mowers that are cutting grass. We see all kinds of people taking advantage (and rightly so) of the new gorgeous track that the high school just installed, and kids taking advantage (again, rightly so) of the new sprinkler system that also got installed. A cute little lady on a scooter (who must work at a nearby bakery, because she scooted up wearing her apron) quickly stopping off at the garden project on the corner to give it a quick drink.

These are things I have to see. Things I look for. This past winter was three years in this place, and while I'm fond of it.. I've got the itch. We're not giving up on Denver, it's just.. you know-?

Anyway, now on to the good stuff. Emily came out to visit this week and we did a LOT of chillin' and eating. Two things we do best. We frequented the corner pizza shop for .10 cent pizza happy hour. Thats right. .10/slice for pizza that is usually $18 for one pizza (8 slices).

On the last day Shaunna gave Emily the best bee-hive hair doo EVER. Proof:

Emily my dear, I miss you so. Thanks for bff 2011!

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