Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fashion smashion


I don't ever plan on us being wealthy. If we were ever so lucky to come into a whole bunch of money it's already spoken for. So, I plan on being smart with the pocket change we do have when it comes to fashion.

This is why I/we buy vintage. Great style, great design, great colors and most importantly, if we NEED clothing anyway, why not spend our thirty dollars on something thats already been around for fifty years? Vintage clothing is a great investment, and it's almost always "one of a kind".

Moral obligations aside, IF we were ever as rich as M. Zukerberg this is what I would purchase from (the very vintage inspired) Kate Spade for my "everyday look":

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  1. I like the shoes and polka dot dress. I haven't seen you on FB lately, are you still on there? Ok, back to catching up on your blog :)