Friday, January 14, 2011

Santigold, Guns 'n Roses, Ozzy, and Paula Abdul

A very weird musical craving this morning helped me post a few of those promised items, Fine art Photographs and one adorable blue dress!

Shopping carts

The photo totally does not do this dress justice!! Someone (size 2) buy it and photograph themselves in it to prove my point!!

So, I love watching Jeopardy! and sometimes I think about what my "statement of significance" would be know.. when Alex introduces you.. and then says: "You once offered the president advice..." then asks you to explain yourself..

Well I don't have one. I do however know "what's in my toolbox".

I'm a Design Sponge addict, and love reading the "What's in your toolbox?" articles. I was thinking this morning about what my "toolbox" holds.. and it's simple: #1 most important: Measuring tape. #2: Camera and of course #3 the Internet. Those three tools have helped me gain income over the past 11 months. The first one is old as time.. The second and third are ways of communicating. I love providing beautiful things for beautiful people.

I wish I could communicate with more people more often.. Maybe its time to try twitter??

Thanks again, for keeping me in [my own] business!!

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