Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

This year is bringing so many things and we haven't even been at it a week!!

I deleted my FB account = awesome. Explanation (short version): I'm hoping this keeps stalking to a minimum and being in touch for "real" to a maximum. I'd like to write more letters, make more phone calls and I'll even throw texting in the mix. You know its bad when you hardly text anymore. Anyway, I did it and I encourage you to do it to.

I am bummed that I had to delete my "Dingaling Vintage" Etsy Facebook page. So you will be seeing more of that on here. If you are visiting via Etsy, welcome!

A few new things:

Crazy Cat Lady sweater

Cinnamon Let Me In 1940s winter coat

Boho Oatmeal Poncho


  1. I love that "Cinnamon Let Me In" coat! So pretty!

  2. i was wondering! i miss ya (even digitally) but i get it:) xo