Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 way mirror

Think you know what your house looks like? It may look one way to you -but the best way to really view your home and your style is to photograph it.

I recently took a few photos of my house because we have got to the point with all my Etsy/Ebay/Vintage that its just about folding up on us.. (sometimes I wonder how much the floor boards can actually hold!) I wanted to be able to look at all of it at once.. kind of like the dreaded three way mirror in a dressing room.

I am really unhappy with this photo, and a bit embarrassed to be showing it! Oh well, motivation for change, FAST change!

The end of January we [I] will be painting the house back to some soft eggshell color (adios bright sunny yellow), purging like a MAD woman (this includes selling/gifting TONS of artwork from my college days that I've been dragging around from state to state) and getting rid of all my furniture with the exception of our clothing cabinet, couch, and Magistretti chairs.

I'm going to be researching budget organization options like crazy. If you have any suggestions please feel free to pass them on!

I need ideas for a table to seat 4-6. One that I could fold up and down as I need it. This space also has to double for my Esty clothing "inspections" and craft work.

My chairs stack, so I'm good there.

I've got a gargantuan clothing rack for my better dresses that I'd like to set sail. I think Rubbermaid's are horrid and expensive but I'm not going to be splitting hairs. I need something smart and sleek.

I really hate to think that we would budget for a "nice" television -but it's really coming down to design. Our current TV is a 13" with no remote control capabilities, purchased at goodwill for $12. Oh, and the channel up button got pushed in to far, so if we miss a channel going down.. we start over from the top! I'd rather not have anything in the living room, but that's not going to happen. We need something.. so I'm leaning towards a low end flat screen. A very very small low end flat screen.

Oh IKEA, open up already!!


  1. you have some sweet furniture (:

  2. Thanks Mary Jane! Every piece of furniture in this photo is for sale excluding the couch and red dining chairs... this includes Mr. Turtle (Abraham Jr.) and the tank! If you live close to Denver let me know if you've got your eye on something! =)