Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is what I love:

Today I woke up with the cloud of "housework" hanging heavy over my head. I sat down at the computer, ready to make my "action plan"... dishes first, back porch, start some laundry.. organize Etsy... blah bla.
Hmm.. check email.
Eh. my house is freezing.
I said no estate sales this week. right? RIGHT.
Clean, get on it!
Wait...just one peek!
Seconds later I was on my way to the bank. Then up north! The heavy housework cloud had been sucked from the air by the reality of venturing to the suburbs to rescue museum quality furniture from an over decorated mish-mash ticky-tacky pre fab home.

What did I return with?
Oh, just this set of four Vico Magistretti "Selene" chairs.

I've got 'em! MoMA's got 'em! You want 'em?! Let me know!!


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