Monday, October 18, 2010

Fact: My house is totally unorganized.

My sweet, sweet, dear, cutie pie, even tempered husband. He puts up with a lot from me. Right now our space is cramped, stacked and a series of pathways to the couch, pantry, refrigerator, bed and bathroom (Etsy/Ebay shop inventory). Our apartment is mmm... around 700 square feet. We are the end unit on a row house of three. Our set up is shotgun; living room, kitchen, bedroom. All three rooms are the same size with the bedroom having floor space taken by a closet for two and a teeny tiny bathroom. Our bed sits two feet from the wall- so the door can open... Ugh. Its depressing just describing it.

Why are we here?

Because I fell in love with it. Because on Nov 1st 2007 we were waiting patiently outside, watching couples come and go, watching couples fill out applications to rent the apartment... and I just had to have it. Or at least I thought I did.. Well, I didn't know, but I didn't have a lot of time to think. Then yes, I wanted it. I wanted a front porch to put a cute chair on, I wanted the (totally unexpected gold nugget) 50 square feet of a back yard for Oliver. I wanted a washer and dryer. I wanted to live in THIS neighborhood. I wanted to paint the huge walls yellow and the giant trim white.

What I forgot to check for to fall in love with: a dishwasher. I forgot to think about how inconvenient it might be for guests to walk into our bedroom to use the bathroom. I forgot to check for a shower head with good pressure. I forgot to check for cell phone coverage INSIDE. I forgot to set a marble on the floor and see if it rolled around in circles for five minutes. . . .

All that said, I've been apartment searching/dreaming for the past few months. A few things we're up against: 1: Brian walks to work. Takes him three minutes. 2: We LOVE this neighborhood. 3: Its stupid expensive to move. 4: I hate having my body get beat up from hauling crap in and out of moving trucks.

Blah blah blah.

So what to do? I need to re- fall in love with our place. So we can be content with staying here. I need to totally re-design/organize our living space.

Problems to solve:

No guest bedroom.
Lacking major storage space for vintage goods.
No dishwasher.
Kitchen table is being taken over by vintage goods.
Horrible kitchen layout.
Cramped bedroom.
TOTALLY ugly bathroom.

I've been chatting with a few friends for ideas, and checking out Apartment Therapy for suggestions. I totally appreciate our place and need to embrace the fact that 700 square feet is enough! =)

I adore all my Etsy finds, and would love to "display" them like this:

which could easily be solved by hunting down a few clothing racks on craigslist. -but I'd really like to hide this stuff.. because the place it seems to make the most sense to store them is in my rather large, rather stupidly designed kitchen.

I lllloooovvvveee this idea, but lack a few hundred feet of ceiling to execute the idea.

And lastly, this is just rad:

All images found here

Speeeeaking of AT... =) Tomorrow my unidentified "Chair Doe" will be posted on Apartment Therapy for readers to weigh in on and share any info on the designer, or age. How exciting!!

Any suggestions, ideas, shared links, photos ect would be TOTALLY appreciated! I'm planning on posting current pics and a floor plan in the near future.


  1. Just good luck on finding the right place! And I know what you mean about checking for stuff, I once lived in a house where I hammered a nail into the wall, for hanging a picture. A few hours later I'm in the bathroom and notice the sharp point of that nail sticking out of the wall! Not a good sign!~:)

    oh, and if you have a hard time tracking down a portable clothing rack, you can get them at Shopko for around $30 bucks!

  2. I can totlly relate with this. The apt we just moved from was 800 square feet and shotgun style. We had a backyard larger than the entire house for the doggies but our kids however were cramped. Our apt isn't any bigger now but it is set up way different (we have doors!)and we have loads of storage space. We do have a dishwasher but it doesnt work so its being used as a drying rack. Good luck lady!

  3. Thanks girls! Its now almost 4pm and I've finally completed all my "tasks" for today.. I kept the organizing at bay until I finished because I'm confident this will be a project that lasts long into the weekend. Here we go...

  4. p.s. mags, if B sees your comment, it will not be good for my "we need a bigger place before we can have kids" argument... how did you do it!?

  5. p.p.s i need to tattoo your recipe for Italian bread on my arm.. any chance I can get it from you again? ;)

  6. Ashley I am not sure which bread recipe I made! I think it was the overnight recipe....I'll have a peek at my bread box and email a couple different ones to you.

    Also with the kids thing, you adjust and somehow you don't need the space as much when they are small but when the twos hit you crave it. Good luck :)