Friday, September 17, 2010

Mac Attack!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot schedule a trip home without staying over a Thursday, Saturday or Monday. My favorite thrift store in the WORLD is only open those three days.

Shopping is made difficult when you travel by plane. I usually drive home, allowing for treasure storage in my backseat and trunk. Since this last trip home was very unplanned, I had to fly. Lucky for me, I have amazing parents who forever allow their garage and basement to be storage for crazy children who have no other dumping grounds. I swear, some day "American Pickers" will drive by their garage and stop... I kid, I kid. Its not that bad! My amazing mom agreed to let me to purchase a few (many, many) large items and leave them at home for her to ship after they sold if I first packed and organized them. My shopping needs (and re-sale needs) were satisfied!

My most intriguing find was this:

Theres a little "electronics" section of the store, back in the corner, a closet like space, and I rarely peek back there. Last time I scored a rad desk calculator from the 60's so I thought I'd take a looksie again and see what I could find. So, I see this laying on the floor and I say to myself, "Self, this could be a ridiculous find!" Either way, I needed a mouse pad at home so I picked it up.

Purchase price: 00.25

Final sale price: Ebay


  1. Giiiiirl, you are inspiring me to pick around these parts. What a great profit for a quarter!

  2. I crave a new blog from you!!!! I can't talk though>>>>pot calling the kettle black I s'pose. :)