Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Itunes movie rentals... YES!

I love to love the lovely Audrey Hepburn. Her eyes are my favorite. Her hair is my favorite. Her style is my favorite, and her accent is my favorite. If I could choose any in the world, it would be her perfectly round, pouty, tight-tongued dialect.

I'm not the greatest judge of talent when it comes to her, I'm busy being blinded by the goddess of fashion she is. I'm pretty sure she donned Givenchy all through the 50's-60's. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if she had it weaved into her movie contracts.

So, a few nights ago I wanted a movie, and I wanted it NOW. I signed up for Nexflix, they were running some free for the first month thing.. well, i picked my "instant play" movie and low and behold my system did not meet the requirements to watch instant play movies. FAIL. Not cool. Immediatly canceled my subscription and headed over to Itunes.. the cutest little Sarah B. bird mentioned that she had seen rentals on Itunes.

Downloaded "How to Steal a Million" and was on my way. Its pretty great how it works.. I recommend letting the movie download for at least 5 minutes before starting it. Rentals range between .99- $4.99. I found there are a lot more options that RedBox and its instant... something that is very near and dear to me these days.

LOVED "How to Steal a Million". Should you watch it? Yes. Here were some of my fave screen shots:

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