Monday, July 26, 2010

The only reason to appreciate sports:

Fall for me = letterman sweaters.

Letterman sweaters = the only reason to appreciate sports.

(okay, okay, in this photo i'd rather be the lady on the right.. SERIOUS style!)

Seriously. Summer seems to d-r-a-g on forever. The electric bill follows suit with the thermometer, while I sit still as can be... with sweaty fingertips.. thinking about fall. Thinking about the amazing cardigan's I can wear and not sweat in. Sweating is the WORST. It's the number one reason I hate to exercise!!

I love thinking about lightweight jackets, layering, winter sunglasses!! Heavy headbands!! Colored tights!! OH MY!!

I do love dresses, but dresses require some effort in planning. While I may sit through the summer and think of fall, when the morning actually comes I'm usually running out the door and opt for some easy contrasting color combo that I can pair with dark, cuffed jeans.

I love playing with androgynous 50's heart-throb style and adding bright red lipstick and dramatic eyes.

Totally not complicated, fast, and saucy. Love it. I'm also wanting to be a majorette or some other sort of marching band member. I actually want to learn how to twirl the baton, not so much to play the tuba.


Someday I hope to find a letterman sweater that has the name "Johnny" sewn on it. All 50's heart throbs were named "Johnny". Why is that bad boy "greasers" are still around.. but no letterman sweater wearing, honest to goodness Johnny boys? Were they all beat out of existence by the greasers?

If you, friend, random person, mom =) should come across ANY sort of vintage cheerleading sweater/cardigan/pullover with any sort of letter on it.. or any sort of "letter" in general, please! please! purchase it! (sweaters under $30, letters under $5) and I will pay you back.

Yellow cardi image and last image found here)

le sigh......

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  1. I would wear a letterman sweater. But I know it would get me beat up pretty quick.