Friday, April 13, 2012

Walls that Floor me

Today I am almost fully recovered from an hem, illness, that took me captive for far longer than I usually like to spend in bed.

Per Doctors orders [aka my husband: "get out of the house today, okay?"] I went to an estate sale. I found a few cool old travel maps, a vintage letter -sans the sweater- and this basement wall:

The house is an amazing price, coming in just below $150k. It would be, to date, the most epic thing I've ever purchased from an estate sale (Yes, sometimes you CAN purchase thee estate at an estate sale!)

The "rumpus room" /basement was totally amazing in every way- the previous owner was a crafter extraordinaire so there were storage built ins everywhere, checkered tile and a slide viewing area. Basements are so underrated these days! Personally, I feel that they are as important as underwear! They are literally the foundation of a home.

Here are a few other walls that I sometimes dream about:

PBN via: Camp Wandawega

Lite Brite via: Flickr

Toile on Toile via: Eclectic Revisited

and last, the great wall of geekdom:

Tetris shelves via: Geeky Gadgets

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