Saturday, April 14, 2012

Horseshoe Market Spring 2012

Last October I participated in the amazing Horseshoe Market here in Denver and was overwhelmed at the outpour of shoppers who were SERIOUS about vintage!

I met some amazing people, made great friends and have since become even more involved with Horseshoe! It was such a great experience. If you are a vintage dealer, crafter or artist in the Denver area, I highly suggest you submit an application for the summer and fall markets!

The Story of My Life: (er, my first outdoor market)

So here I come, bright and early thinking I was totally prepared. I brought a cargo van full of my favorite finds, (yes folks, a CARGO van) my trusty Square, and a Diet Coke. My amazing friend Jess volunteered to come and hang out, -even though she was something like sixteen months pregnant- and was a lifesaver! You might think you can, but never, ever do a market alone. Its nice to have someone to talk to and.. someone to do math after your brain retires for the day! The Horseshoe volunteers were relaxed, organized and even helped me unload the van! I networked with Denver shop owners who have since started carrying my products, met a new friend who I'm now consigning vintage Chanel for and made a load of cash! All in all, it was a TOTAL success!

The spring market is just three short weeks away and I am really looking forward to it!

Though it was successful, its a LOT of work to bring vintage clothing to a market. If its hot you don't want to touch anything -much less try on anything restricting, if its cold you just want to hurry up and get somewhere warm. I thought of a billion ways I might be able to create a dressing space for customers, but nothing was solid enough for me to invest time, money and space. So I've whittled my booth down to just one category for the spring market: Home decor. I'll be bringing vintage textiles, wall art and a few other totally amazing outrageous MUST HAVE vintage decor items for your home!!

For now, here is a tiny taste of a few pieces I picked up this weekend for the market!

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