Monday, February 6, 2012

Bill Cunningham and my Regretsies

I used to check out my Etsy stats and fear link backs from then I realized they only spotlight the totally heinous or totally hilarious. I'm now pretty secure in knowing they have no interest in my [boring in comparison] vintage clothing.

Recently I've been pouring over every closet that StyleLikeU has online and decided that I am a TOTAL fraud. I adore vintage clothing and I sell vintage clothing that I adore, but it's been ages since I've left caution to the wind and actually showcased my adoration. Take today for example, I'm totally rockin' a target boyfriend T (gray), Old Navy skinny jeans (gray) and an old "Elliott" band hoodie (gray) ...and Nike kicks =/

Whoooooo AM i anymore?? It could be a regional issue, but I think in my case I've just lost confidence. Fashion should be interesting -when did we decide that "good fashion" meant being safe and wearing garments that fit correctly and didn't offend? What's the point in giving "fashion" a title unless it truly makes us aware of what it is?

Last night I watched the documentary: Bill Cunninghan New York on Netflix and was so inspired. I was hitting the "pause" button every few minutes so I could jot down all the insightful things he had to say! He is so lovely. Happy. Driven. Focused. He never took one penny while working for Details mag. because he loved what he did and he refused to sell out. His thoughts were that by paying him, they would control him. So, if he worked for nothing he was in control of his images. How wonderful. What a smart man. He seeks beauty.

My dear friend Arwen seeks beauty. I love her absolute disregard for acceptance in choosing her style. It's glorious and courageous and I believe if we took a walk down 5th Ave Bill would get a great big huge smile on his face and start shooting.

Check out her every day style here:

So all of the above inspired me to filter thru my Etsy sales and see just why my personal style might be. I've compiled a bunch of images of the pieces I loved and sold and since regretted = my own personal Regretsy:

Onward, upward, awkward ..I'm ready for it

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  1. I just found this. you are wonderful. :) you have the most incredible taste. I mourn for your Regretsies. start keeping!