Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Outdoor Office

Today is wonderfulgloriousmagnificantamazingawesomesupurb. The weather is gorgeous -a bit of wind and hot sun. Just the way it ought to be. It is a day for being out of doors. Writing, listening to music, wearing sunglasses.. dreaming of gorgeous outdoor spaces.. I'm a little spoiled today.

I'm inspired to figure out what cool things I can do with this outdoor space we've been given. Right now I'm working with a dirt yard, two Peach trees that might (FINGERS CROSSED) fruit, and a lack of fence on the back half of the yard. It can be super cool.. i just know it!

What to do? I've had no idea. I suggested to my florist friend she use it for growing flowers -at least then it would be pretty! But I think it might be to late for that now? Today I've been searching for awesome out door spaces. People are doing some incredible things!

I wish I could make this:

Found here:

There is an amazing Atomic Ranch house back in my hometown that a friend of ours owns and they have an atrium/greenhouse with a swimming pool inside! How cool is that!? Just to have some sort of sunlight any time of the year?! What a dream!

LOVE this "Archipod"! Looks like a Hedgehog and a Delorean had a baby!

Found here:

My aunt Anna worked in floral arts for years and they lived out on an old farm that had a perfectly perfect little one room brick studio/work space for her. I must have been 10 or 12 but I remember it so well. It was just perfect!

There should be a national competition to turn a "pre-fab -bought at Home depot shed" into a temple of creative glory. I would enter. I've got ideas... ;)

<3 Little houses

Found here:

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