Saturday, February 25, 2012

bento! bento! bento!

I first discovered Bento lunch boxes while working for Whole Foods. I figured it was yet another "impulse buy" staged in the store to drive up sales.

Three years later I realize the true need for a bento box. I want one, I need one and not just because they come in glorious plasticy colors:

and no, not just because I came across this happy video:

PLASTICA#1- BENTO BOX from Peter J Brant on Vimeo.

BECAUSE: While I'm out thrifting, I shop and shop until I've worked up an appetite that I can't ignore... so I go to a drive-thru. and its totally disgusting. ! I'm so over fast food and how nasty it makes me feel -not to mention the unhappy fact that I'm spending good $ on it. Yuck!

So why you ask, do I want to pay lots (lots in my standards) of money for something like a Bento Box when I could thrift a lil' picnic basket that would serve the same purpose?? In my mind -paying quite a bit of money for something makes me feel responsible to it. Once I have said Bento, I'll never leave the house without committing to it, and I'll never buy fast food without feeling massive guilt.

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